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  • Muunie Releases Debut Visual EP “Ele.mental”: Streaming

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Morgan Beard, aka Muunie released her debut visual EP “Ele.mental” on May 27, 2022.
    The EP comprises 4-track. Each track represents one of the elements, including previously released singles “Fire”, “Water”, “Earth”, and a new track, the fourth chapter “Air”.
    The EP as a whole paints an emotionally captivating narrative arc through the music and the accompanying videos for each track, telling the story of how Muunie lost her way before learning to believe in herself again.
    All tracks were written by Morgan Beard, produced by Morgan Beard, DeRock Tucker, Jeremy Wendel Jones, Jaime Duarte, Josh Lim, and Bobby Saint.
    The videos were directed by Morgan Beard, and Ben Enke, who co-directed “Water”.
    “I wanted to create a unique sonic and emotional palette for each song that captured the essence of the element, and weave them together into a cohesive, continuous circle, like nature itself,” Muunie said of the EP. “Ele.mental traces my own growth as an individual and an artist. It's a narrative of personal transformation that is so close to my heart. It tells the story of a toxic relationship ending, being left to grieve, discovering the power in vulnerability and communion with self, and realizing that another person can't complete you and the key to freedom and joy is finding it within yourself. Although the story arc centers on a romantic relationship, I wrote it with all types of relationships in mind. It could apply to a parent, a friend, a substance, a behavior, anything.”
  • Muunie explained of some tracks for the EP.

    “I wrote 'Fire' in the wake of a toxic relationship. Our connection was intense and all-consuming. I mistook that intensity for compatibility and wouldn't let go. I thought if I could hold onto this person, it would solve all my problems. I was so fixated on this fantasy, I lost sight of reality. My desire to merge with this person was actually a desire to escape myself. I swallowed my needs to try to make them happy, but it didn't work. When it finally ended, I had to face myself and pick up the pieces.”

    “I wrote this one with my parents in mind, more so than a romantic relationship. Over the last few years, I've done a tremendous amount of internal work to let go of the things echoing around my head from my formative years and started to live my life on my own terms. Making music is a huge part of that. It was time to ditch the long-held idea that I didn't deserve to express myself this way. Earth is this strong plea for us to evolve - to recognize 'the chains we choose' and decide to put them down so we can find contentedness and fulfill our potential”

  • Photo by Anna Azarov
  • source : Apple Music
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