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  • NOA Releases New EP “Hurting”: Streaming

  • Dutch-Canadian singer-songwriter NOA released her sophomore EP “Hurting” on May 20, 2022.

    The EP comprises 4-track, including preceding singles “Motions”, “Gone” and “Spaces”.
    All track written by Noa Vlessing with songwriters Bobby Love, Emery Taylor, Jonathan Yoni Asperil, Michael Goldchain, Alex Nobile and Valerie Borghesi.
    NOA said of the EP, “This is the second EP off of my three part project PHASES, which walks the listener through different phases of a relationship. The songs on this EP touch on the different emotions and feelings that come with a breakup and trying to move on. I hope these songs help you if you need them // or just make you feel something, whatever it is🤍”
  • NOA explained of some track for the EP.

    “Gone' is a post-breakup anthem that takes you through the initial emotions, anger and heat of getting over someone,” NOA said of the song. “I wrote 'Gone' after a relationship that probably should never really have happened in the first place, ended. And just like that, the love and the person I knew was no longer in my life. It's ancient history, this love don't exist to me it's gone. I wrote the song with two incredible Toronto songwriters and producers, Emery Taylor and Bobby Love. We wanted to create something edgy, confident and percussive that told the story of what I was feeling. We wrote the song in one quick session. 'Gone' captures the feeling of how a person, and the love that was once there, suddenly becomes a distant memory and feeling; as if it just never existed.”

    “'Motions' is a post-breakup anthem that takes you through the journey of post-breakup thoughts and how it feels to be on your own for the first time. I wrote 'Motions' on Valentine's Day last year, on a cloudy day back in L.A. for the first time following a breakup. Being back in the city that felt like him made me think about all the peaks and valleys of our relationship, the good and the bad. I wrote this song with my good friend, Jonathan Asperil, who also handled production. His guitar playing is out of this world, so the second he laid down the progression of the song, the words just started flowing out.”

  • “This Isn't How It Was Supposed To Go”
    “'This Isn't How It Was Supposed To Go' deals with getting over a breakup and the process of healing. It takes time to come to terms with how things end up playing out and naturally it can be hard to accept. This song reminisces on the past and how the relationship didn't end up the way I thought it would. I love this lyric because it shows how we weren't on the same page. So often in relationships we try to predict how things will go, but end up blindsided by how the other person is really feeling.”

    “'Spaces' is a heartbreak anthem for anyone going through the motions, trying to heal and move on but struggling. It was inspired by missing an ex and having a hard time trying to fill the void of them not being there. I kept wanting to call them back up but also didn't want to give them the satisfaction of knowing that I was still hung up on them. 'You grew out your hair, said that you never would' is one of my favourite lyrics from this song because it symbolizes the changes of what was and what is. So often after a breakup, that person ends up doing something they said they never would do. It's always the little things that usually only you would know.”
  • source : Apple Music
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