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  • YUNGBLUD & WILLOW Team Up for New Song “Memories”

  • British singer-songwriter YUNGBLUD teamed up with American singer-songwriter WILLOW to release a new song “Memories”.
    This marks the first collaboration between YUNGBLUD and WILLOW.
    The track was written by Dominic Harrison, Chris Greatti, Jordan Brasko Gable, Omer Fedi, Omer Fedi, Zakk Cervini, Dylan Brady and WILLOW.
    Produced by Chris Greatti, YUNGBLUD and Dylan Brady. The accompanying music video was directed by Colin Tilley.
    He has been working on the song for two years and the song became a heavy personal meditation.
    YUNGBLUD told SPIN about the song, “We (his family) went bankrupt twice, the way we earned that money was fucking cash in hand, work 30 hours a day, fucking beg, steal, borrow. That was the mentality I grew up in. It was full on, picked up from school, taken to the fucking shop, work all night.”
    He continued, “The lyric 'Every time I fall asleep, I know I'll wake up alone. I wake up alone.' It's not about love. 'Dreams of you were wrapped around my throat. I think I'm going to choke.' It sounds like it's about love, it's not. I spent a lot of time in my imagination growing up, because I needed to get out of fucking bullshit. I'd be playing with [toy] soldiers at 15, I was strange.”
    He added, “Willow understands better than anybody. She grew up in the fucking spotlight, that was not easy for her. She's a true artist.”
  • WILLOW said, “He's a force to be reckoned with, and I don't say that lightly. Dom's music makes his fans feel heard, seen and unafraid to be the most compassionate, unapologetic versions of themselves. In my opinion, that's the reason to be an artist in the first place.”
    She continued, “He has one of the most dynamic male voices in the rock world right now. Not only from the perspective of his message, but his vocal dexterity is absolutely appalling. It's very rare that I can connect vocally on such a level with a male musician. He is such a talented artist that it's very easy to let the ideas flow and to let the melodies and the lyrics kind of come, because there's really no stress when it comes to structure. We just figure it out and it's always fun.”
  • source : Spotify
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