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  • Hot Freaks Drops New Animated Music Video for “Lovely”

  • American alt-rock band Hot Freaks, consisting of Cody Brown, Leo Vondracek, Sarah Darnell, Spencer Niebuhr and Darin Dahlmeier, has dropped a new animated music video for “Lovely”.

    The song was released last month, following smash hit “Puppy Princess” which accrued 28 million streams on TikTok and Spotify.
    It was written by Hot Freaks and produced by Ryan Olcott.
    The video was directed by Alexis Kitchmire. The clip is inspired by early '60s cartoons.
    “For the character design and environment design, we were heavily inspired by early Hanna-Barbera cartoons, especially The Jetsons,” Alexis Kitchmire said of the video. “We wanted the video to emulate the feeling of watching Saturday morning cartoons growing up with the use of exaggerated visual humor.”
  • He used the tool such as Toon Boom, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects.
    “One of the biggest challenges we faced was trying to capture the look of a very physical medium in a digital program,” he explained. “With modern day animation technologies, it's difficult to get a more hand-drawn look of animation that was prevalent in the early 60s. Also, trying to emulate the styles of great artists like Maurice Noble in our background designs proved to be incredibly difficult while utilizing digital programs. Also, trying to get Pup's design down was very challenging. We wanted to make sure we kept the integrity of Pup's looks present while creating a character in the aesthetic we had chosen for the video. We went through many different designs before we landed on the one we used for the final project!”
  • source : Apple Music
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