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  • Holly Humberstone Drops New Music Video for “London Is Lonely”

  • British singer-songwriter Holly Humberstone has dropped a new music video for “London Is Lonely”.
    The video was directed by David M Helman, who filmed it in a disused railway tunnel in London.
    “I wanted this video to sum up how I felt when I first moved to London, when I was spinning out of control and awaiting an imminent collision,” Holly Humberstone said in a statement. “It looks like a lucid dream as I try to remain centered.”
    The song was released back in January and written by Holly Humberstone. Produced by Rob Milton.
    She said of the song, “I wrote London Is Lonely back in February 2020 right before the pandemic hit here in the UK. I had just moved out of my childhood home down to London and had spent the past few months feeling really trapped and alone in my tiny flat with strangers. London felt so intense and although there were so many people around me, I felt even more isolated and like I didn't belong. I kind of lost myself in the city. I didn't exactly know who I was anymore, and so going home and writing felt like my safe space to process everything.”
    She continued, “It's funny now listening to the song almost two years on, post-pandemic, and feeling like nothing much has changed at all. I'm still trying to find my place here and make it my home and so it felt right to put this song out into the world right now, when so many other people are probably feeling lost right now too.”
  • source : YouTube
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