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  • Cannons Releases New Song “Hurricane”

  • Los Angeles-based pop trio Cannons, consisting of Ryan Clapham, Paul Davis and Michelle Joy, has released a new song “Hurricane” from their upcoming third studio album “Fever Dream”.

    The song is the fourth single off of the album, following “Bad Dream”, “Ruthless” and “Purple Sun”.
    It was written by Ryan Clapham, Paul Davis and Michelle Joy. The accompanying music video was directed by Ryan Rundle.
    Michelle Joy told Flaunt about the song, “We wrote 'Hurricane'—I'm trying to think when we wrote it. We wrote a lot of songs to finish up the album. Maybe we finished it over the summer. It's a really special song to me because I feel like it was the first song that I wrote that was more of me stepping into my own strength and power. That song makes me feel really powerful. I guess a lot of my other songs are a little more laid-back. This song was me feeling my strength inside of me and putting myself out there and taking on all of the amazing things that have happened over the past two years, year and a half.”
  • She continued, “Actually, I do remember that before we played Lolapalooza is when we started working on it. “Fire for You” kind of blew up during the pandemic but before that, the last show was at The High Hat, which is a small show. But the next show I had to do because all the success 'Fire for You' had was Lolapalooza which is like the biggest festival ever in front of thousands of people. I was trying to pump myself up to get on stage and not be scared. So that song came from that.”
    The new album is set to be released on March 25, 2022.

  • Photo by Meredyth Lewis
  • source : Apple Music
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