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  • Sigrid Performs “Mirror”, “Burning Bridges” & “Dynamite” on NRK1 Lindmo

  • Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid appeared on Norwegian TV NRK1 Lindmo to perform “Mirror”, “Burning Bridges” and “Dynamite”.
    She played the song at the top of NRK building.
    “Mirror” was released in May 2021, which is her first single since her 2019 debut album “Sucker Punch”.
    It was written by Caroline Ailin, SLY, Emily Warren and Sigrid.
    Sigrid said of the song, “'Mirror' lyrically for me [is] about how you have to accept yourself. And with that, I mean like you have to accept that sometimes you are a person, you have to be strict, sometimes you have to apologise, sometimes you have to comfort others, sometimes you have to comfort yourself. Basically, just accepting your personality and the positive sides, the negative sides you have. It sounds really cheesy but [overall it's] just being ok with being a human and living with it.”
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    She said of the song, “So Burning Bridges was written last summer in Copenhagen together with music wizards Caroline Ailin and Sylvester Sivertsen.. we spent our days swimming and eating in our little studio bubble, and I guess that peaceful state of mine made it easier to dig into some really tough feelings. Burning bridges is about that moment when you know you have to let go, and when you are listening to the song, I'm cool with it being anything you need it to be. I've said it before, but I really do love to write little reminder songs to myself and others.. it can be hard to let go of things, so if I feel like it's too much, I'll put on this song and be like <>. idk, it helps me :)”
    “Dynamite” appeared on the debut album “Sucker Punch”. It was written by Askjell and Sigrid.
    She said, “I wrote that with Askjell Solstrand. He's a good friend of mine and it was our first writing session together. We talked about writing a lot, how it's difficult to get time for a private life. That's what “Dynamite” means to me; you spend a lot of time on music—and you love it—but you miss out on other stuff as well.”
    She teased her new collaborative song “Head On Fire” with British singer-songwriter Griff.
    The new song will be released on January 7, 2022. Stay tuned.

  • source : NRK
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