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  • RODERIK Drops New Music Video for “American Dream”

  • New York-based rock band RODERIK, consisting of Jake Anthony Salazar (vocals), Jay T. Sutherland (guitar), David P. K. (bass), and Danny Nugent (drums), has dropped a new music video for “American Dream”.
    The song was released back in September as their third single, following “You'll Never Know” and ”Save Me”.
    The video was directed by Allison Sharkey. Also frontman Jake Anthony Salazar co-directed it.
    Jake Anthony Salazar said of the song, “‘American Dream’ is one of those songs as a writer, you always hope you’ll write. It came together so fast and so effortlessly, I knew it had to be one of the first songs we released. What makes ‘American Dream’ so special to me, is it really goes against everything we’ve put out to date. Which is probably one of my favorite things about releasing this song as our third single.”
    He continued, “We really tried to embody the real meaning behind the song. When you rip apart the lyrics of American Dream, it’s all about my experience of working for someone else, and feeling like I’m stranded in this job that’s never going to go anywhere for me. I would often daydream about where I could be or who I could be with instead, doing anything else, and in typical RODERIK fashion, we took that very concept and pushed it to the extreme. That’s where the video comes into play. We really worked hard to create something that embodies that feeling, and hope that people connect to this video the way we do.”
  • Photo Matt Flood
  • source : YouTube
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