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  • Dawson Fuss Releases Debut EP “edge of adolescence”: Streaming

  • American alt-pop singer-songwriter Dawson Fuss released his debut EP “edge of adolescence” on November 10, 2021.
    The EP comprises 7-track, including previously 4-track and 3 new songs.
    The lyrics of each song paint vivid illustrations of intimate and compelling moments in his life.
    Dawson Fuss shared on social media, “My debut EP, edge of adolescence, is finally out in the world. So much of me is in this collection of songs and it feels amazing to be able to share it with all of you after starting it over a year and a half ago.”
    The sharp edge between being a kid and becoming an adult inspires Dawson Fuss the most when songwriting.
    He said, “I feel as though my childhood and future adult selves are colliding. On the cusp of gaining full independence, I am only beginning to discover the responsibilities that lie ahead. Still living at home with my parents, I am often chafing against the limiting structures of childhood like curfews and accountability while relishing some newfound freedom like being able to drive myself around and wearing whatever I want.”
  • Dawson Fuss explained of some tracks.

    “Hollywood Heartbreak”
    “Because my love life was not like the movies I was watching. I got a little sad and realized that although essentially impossible, I would love to have a taste of what that kind of picture-perfect love life would be like,”

    “Hey You”
    “'Hey You' is inspired by the failure of first love and the complicated emotions that follow: regret, anger, sadness, and loss. I wrote this song following my first serious relationship that unfortunately ended because of emotional and physical distance caused by the isolation of COVID-19.”

    “Never Really Knew”
    “My brain was ignorant of the severity of what I went through, so I held off any kind of grief work. After eventually speaking with a counselor about what I had gone through and my lack of acceptance of it, she recommended I try writing a song about it to begin the processing stage of grief. Once my pencil touched the paper, my thoughts floated from my subconscious to the scratch of the pencil. It was one of the fastest songs I wrote.”

  • “Right Person, Wrong Time”
    “I've come to realize that there are countless emotions and aspects of an ended relationship than one might see on the surface, including embarrassment and guilt, which is the result of knowing that a relationship is better off finished, but still wanting to rewrite the ending.”

    “I wrote it right after I broke up with my ex, about feeling complete confusion during the relationship about whether or not it was what I wanted. Being my first real relationship, I felt some kind of obligation to feel a certain way about my partner that didn't come naturally, so it put me in this weird position where I did like him, but I was stretching my emotions to a place where the faulty emotions dominated the real ones.”

    “Coming out was something I had always tried to avoid because I didn't want to come to terms with being gay. I convinced myself that my sexuality was a burden to myself and others. However, after I finally realized that coming out was something to take total pride in, I was able to let go and feel truly 'Free,'”

    Photo by Anastasia Lebedeva Delmark
  • source : Apple Music
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