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  • Myla Releases New Song “Unrequited Love”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter Jennifer Budd debuted with her debut album “Lip Service” in 2015.
    She won “Best New Artist” in 2016 at the Hamilton Music Awards.
    But she changed her stage name to Myla earlier this year, reflecting the romantic nature of the music she creates.
    On November 5th, she released the second single “Unrequited Love” as Myla, following “Come Over”.
    The song is inspired by Romeo and Juliet. She wrote the song with Jordan Sapp.
    Jennifer Budd explained, “I learned about unrequited love back in high school while reading Romeo and Juliet. I often wondered what the story of Romeo's unrequited love, Rosaline, was really about and found myself dreaming of her side of the story. Some love stories have a Romeo, a Juliet, and a Rosaline. It turns out that I often get cast as the Rosaline.”
    She continued, “Years ago, I went to Nashville for a songwriting bootcamp and started writing this song with Jordan Sapp. I drove down to Nashville by myself and sang what you hear in the chorus. My loneliness and the extended amount of time to process made me realize my deep care for a friend of mine, so when we got in the studio, the story of having a complicated friendship seemed to pour out.”
    She added, “My new single is about how I felt led on by someone who saw me as 'just a friend.' The love I had wasn't mutual, yet it also wasn’t discouraged.”

  • Previous Song “Come Over”:
  • source : Apple Music
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