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  • Au/Ra Releases New EP “Soundtrack to an Existential Crisis”: Streaming

  • Antiguan-German singer-songwriter Au/Ra released her third EP “Soundtrack to an Existential Crisis” on August 27, 2021.
    It is her first EP in three years.
    The EP comprises of 9-track, including preceding singles “Dead Girl! (Shake My Head)”, “Bite Marks” and “Screw Feelings”.
    Produced by Andrew Frampton, CJ Baran, ELVIRA, Gabriel Benjamin, Jack & Coke, Kingdoms, Max Farrar, Torsten Stenzel and Tré Jean-Marie.
    Au/Ra said of the EP, “ever since I was a kid, I've looked in the mirror and felt moments of existentialism. Being able to understand my own darkness, has really helped me understand the good and be so much more grateful for it. Writing about it, and sonically bringing that feeling to life like in this EP, had helped me root myself in real life. Writing about dark emotions is so satisfying because it almost feels like you've contextualized them and therefore made them less scary lol – and given people an opportunity to feel that with u is even cooler. I hope that soundtrack to an existential crisis can be there for u in any way u want it to be. cause it's URS AHHH. OUT EVERYWHERE NOW. unleash the stream bean existentialists 💚💚💭💭💚🧚🏻‍♀️”
  • Au/Ra explained some of the tracks for the EP.

    “Dead Girl! (Shake My Head)”
    “I wrote 'Dead Girl!' when I was feeling especially out of place when I came back home. Being away for a while left me feeling disconnected from a lot of people. I think of myself as a pretty introverted, sometimes anxious person – feeling out of place isn't new. I was so done with judging myself and feeling judged. I felt that especially during high school, so I really channelled all that 'grrrr' energy into the song. So, it's about being okay with feeling different, unapologetically, and feeling, in a sense, 'dead' to the people that don't understand you.

    “Screw Feelings”
    “Screw Feelings” is about being utterly done with dealing with the ups and downs of having emotions and wishing you didn't have them at all. This song is so special to me because it was the first, and still was the only time, I made a song with only women in the room. After filming the Aviation movie in Oslo with Alan Walker, I flew to Stockholm to meet with a really cool young producer – Elvira Anderfjärd – who brought in her friend Tove Burman – both of them happen to be around my age. I've been making music since I was 13 years old and am 19 now, so having only women in the room, let alone women my age, was a big deal to me and it felt really cathartic. We were all so full of the same energy, and frustration about feeling the way we did, it was amazing.”

    “Bite Marks”
    “Bite Marks is about letting someone into your life knowing they could hurt you – that fear becoming reality, and feeling stupid for letting it happen. It's about playing the fool, knowingly, and having to grow and live with the bite marks that leaves behind.”
  • source : Apple Music
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