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  • Little Galaxies Premiered New Music Video for “Waking Sea”

  • American psych-rock band Little Galaxies, consisting of Jeanna Fournier, Amir Eshraghi, Andreas Sandnes and Christian Johnson, returned with a new song “Waking Sea” on July 7, 2021.
    It is their first single in two year. The track was written by Amir Eshraghi and Jeanna Fournier. Produced by Little Galaxies.
    On July 28, the band premiered a new music video for the song directed by Sara Alessandrini.
    The song will appear on their upcoming sophomore album “One with the Waking Sea”, which is expected to be released this fall.
    Frontwoman Jeanna Fournier shared on social media, “'Waking Sea' is a song inspired by my car crash in December 2014 when I was driving through Venice and my car flipped over a truck that had pulled into my lane without looking. I walked out that day with no broken bones, but I've never felt quite the same since the incident.”
  • She continued, “'Waking Sea' is a song about finding peace in the wreckage and getting back behind the wheel. I learned to accept my fate by surrendering to the pain to heal and transcend from it. During the pandemic, I realized that so many of us are dealing with chronic health conditions and now is a more important time than ever to nurture ourselves, look for happiness in the trenches, and roll with the ebb and flow of our existence. We may not be able to play the show we envisioned, but sharing our art, reconnecting with you and getting back to some normalcy is everything we've been dreaming of.”
  • source : YouTube
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