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  • Marlow Releases New Song “Blame It”

  • Eastbourne-based alt-rock band Marlow, consisting of Freddie (vocals), Joe (guitar), Seb (bass), Archie (synth), and Liam (drums), released a new song “Blame It” on July 23, 2021.
    The track is their third single, following “Different Lives” and “Pasadena”.
    The song narrates the lack of communication in relationships and how people try to avoid responsibility for their issues by shifting the blame onto others and coming up with excuses.
    “I guess you could say the track has a sort of feel-good melancholy and embraces a juxtaposition of emotions and feelings,” the band guitarist Joe said. “We really enjoy instilling a sensation of nostalgia.”
  • The band was formed in 2017 under different name. But they changed the band name to Marlow in 2020.
    Freddie told The lowdown, “The band was started initially when I (Freddie) was recording some live video at a venue, and Joe was the sound engineer. He offered to play guitar, and shortly after, we recruited Liam to play drums. We then realised that this other guy started showing up at our rehearsals, called Archie. We asked him if he could play synth, and he said 'probably'. He was hired then and there. Seb and myself are actually brothers, so I guess that's probably how we know each other. We played a lot of music growing up, and after we both graduated university and the band needed a bassist, Seb officially joined.”
    He continued, “We made the decision to change our name earlier in 2020 before releasing music, and we wanted something with star-power. After these were (name list) all vetoed by the band, we eventually settled on Marlow. It's actually mine and Seb's surname, but that's a complete coincidence...”

  • Photos by Samuel George Photography / Audiotrope
  • source : SoundCloud
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