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  • Enter Shikari Drops New Music Video for “{ The Dreamer's Hotel }”

  • British rock band Enter Shikari revealed the cover design of their upcoming sixth studio album “Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible” on March 5th.
    At the same time, the band dropped a new music video for “{ The Dreamer's Hotel }” directed by Polygon.
    "We took another wonderful trip to Paris once again to record a video with our friend Polygon," frontman Rou Reynolds said of the video. "We built minimal hotel sets and used psychedelic analogue effects to create a space that reflects the hope but also the desolation of the song."
    The track was released back in February as the first single off of the album.
    Rou Reynolds told Kerrang Magazine about the song, “I think it has a general excitement to it; it’s quite fast-paced and it feels a little bit on edge, even in the choruses. There’s this juxtaposition, thematically, where the verses are all fury, and then the choruses are trying to convey what ‘The Dreamer’s Hotel’ is supposed to be. It’s this place of safety and possibility and imagination, outside of the furore of society. The whole thing seems to have an urgency to it, and it just felt like a good foot forward to lead with.”
  • He continued, “I imagine The Dreamer’s Hotel as this place of respite from the fury of the outside world, so it’s very much influenced by online interactions, and the divisive nature of the world at the moment with tribalism and group identity. And it’s not even a political thing; it just seems to have inundated the whole of society. There’s just immediate anger, and it’s created this world of real tense distrust with everyone, and it’s a really horrible space to be in, emotionally. The Dreamer’s Hotel is this wishful-thinking, rose-tinted place where one can get away from that and dream again, and think about how to improve society. In the song it’s this dilapidated, deserted place (laughs), because no-one’s checking in to that hotel anymore. We’re all just too busy being furious with each other outside of the hotel.”
    The album is set to be released on April 17th.
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