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  • STRØM Releases Debut Album “Immortal”: Streaming

  • Stockholm-based producer STRØM released his debut album “Immortal” on February 21st.
    The album comprises of 9-track, featuring Swedish duo Rebecca & Fiona. STRØM said of the album, “Immortal is a conceptual album inspired by the world of mythology, within a fiction verus reality perspective.”
    In 2017, BMW used his debut song “Mesmerize” on a cinematic commercial. Also, his music has been featured on several series on Netflix and FOX.
    For him, the debut album is long-awaited release. He explained each song below.

    “Solar Sailor”
    “An intro track with a bit of "working class hero” theme. It also has a few Star Wars references that you'll catch if you pay attention.”

    “My favorite track on the album. It's inspired by the old folk tales from One Thousand and One Nights. When I finished this one it was quite clear in what direction the album was heading.”

    “I’ve sampled so many things on this track that it’s no where close to being legal.”
  • “Jyn”
    “Wrote this one together with swedish duo Rebecca & Fiona. Two mad geniuses that I love working with. Fiona's voice sounds biblical.”

    “Probably as close to pop that I will ever get.”

    “Fox God”

    “Last Try”
    “A classic love song.”

    “Blurred Out”
    “The sound of a creative overload. And to be honest, the demo was even weirder.”

    “Originally composed for a BMW commercial in 2017. The response was so huge that I decided to release it on Soundcloud, and that’s where it took off. Without this song this album never would’ve existed.”
  • source : Variance Magazine
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