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  • 2019-01-30
  • AJR Premieres New Song “100 Bad Days”

  • Manhattan-based alt-pop band AJR (consisting of brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Met) released a new song “100 Bad Days” from their upcoming third studio album “Neotheater”.
    The trio released their second album "The Click" in 2017 and the deluxe edition of the album was released last year. The album reached No. 61 on the Billboard 200. The new song is follow-up to them.
    Lead singer Jack Evan Met said of the song, “This is probably the most like personal like frequently personal topic. We've written about especially for a single, I think basically the song is called a hundred bad days. The basic concept is a hundred bad days makes a hundred good stories makes me interesting a party so that's the basic line. And that's something that we think about literally on a daily basis. If anything bad happens to us the mindset, we have or we're trying to have is this is gonna be a great story to tell to people.”
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    The new album “Neotheater” comprises of 12-track and is set to be release in 2019.
    Jack Evan Met said, "This is a hundred percent done. There's 12 songs on the album. I don't know it's we tried to create a sound that people haven't really herd before from us or hopefully from anyone. Because what we have fun doing really we love listening to music that we've never heard before and sounds I've never heard before so we can sort of emulate that that's super fun for us."
  • source : The Middle Phinger
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