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  • 2018-06-09
  • Newly Found 1963 John Coltrane Album “Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album” to Be Released

  • An album of John Coltrane originals recorded in 1963 has been discovered and set for release on June 29th.
    The album is entitled "Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album", which has never before been heard.
    The album was recorded in a session on March 6, 1963, at the Van Gelder studios in New Jersey. John Coltrane performed with Jimmy Garrison on double bass, Elvin Jones on drums, and McCoy Tyner on piano.
    The master tape had long been thought lost and likely destroyed in the early 1970s, but the recent discovery of the reference tape has allowed this incredible moment to reach the public.
    John Coltrane took the reference tape of the recording and gave it to his wife Naima, who kept it all this time.
    Sonny Rollins, a peer of Coltrane’s and also regarded as one of the greatest jazz saxophonists of all time, described the discovery as “like finding a new room in the Great Pyramid”.
    The album comprises of 7-track including two completely unheard original compositions, called "Untitled Original 11383" and "Untitled Original 11386".
  • "Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album" Track List;
    1. "Untitled Original 11383" (5:41)
    2. "Nature Boy" (3:24)
    3. "Untitled Original 11386" (8:43)
    4. "Vilia" (5:32)
    5. "Impressions" (4:36)
    6. "Slow Blues" (11:28)
    7. "One Up, One Down" (8:01)
      1. source : Billboard
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