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  • 2018-05-15
  • Arctic Monkeys Premieres New Music Video for “Four Out Of Five”
  • English rock band Arctic Monkeys released the sixth studio album "Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino" for the first time in five years on May 11, 2018.
    The band dropped a new music video for “Four Out Of Five” from the album on May 13th, directed by Ben Chappell & Aaron Brown.
    The song was debuted live before the release of the album and performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on May 10th.
    The video features a cardboard concept of the Tranquility Base Hotel. Frontman Alex Turner told Rolling Stone of his cardboard concept, "I became quite consumed by that. Getting up in the middle of the night, going down and delving in. I kept calling it the lobby model, like the idea that sometimes those things sit in the lobbies of the buildings they represent – that loop is appealing to me, like in The Shining, with the miniature hedge maze in the lobby, and he’s looking in there and then he sees the people are in there…"
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    He said of the song in an interview with Pitchfork;
    "I lifted it from this book called Amusing Ourselves to Death. I was attracted to the idea as soon as I heard that phrase; even though it was in this book from [1985] it still seemed relevant—more relevant than it probably was when the guy made it up. I sang it into the tape recorder when I was making stuff up one day, and it ended up falling in a place where the implication was it was the name of this taco shop on the roof of this hotel complex."

    Most of the songs featured on "Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino" were written in 2016 by Alex Turner at his Los Angeles home. Many of the vocal takes on the album remain from his home demos on a Tascam 388 8-track recording machine.

  • source : Rolling Stone
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