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  • 2017-10-06
  • Jessie J Premieres New Song “Not My Ex”
  • English singer-songwriter Jessica Ellen Cornish, aka Jessie J unveiled a new song “Not My Ex” from her upcoming fourth studio album “R.O.S.E.”.
    The song is the second single following “Think About That”, highlights past romance issues being carried forth into new relationships.
    The title of new record is an acronym for Realisations, Obessions, Sex and Empowerment.
    Last month, she interviewed with Billboard, in which she described how different between her new music and previous sound on her new album “R.O.S.E.”

    About the new album, she told Billboard;
    “My influences have been Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and Whitney Houston. The music I made for this album is the music I listen to. That was the biggest thing I wanted to change. I wanted to be able to put my album on at home and want to listen to it—and I do. It’s like the makeup that you love on other people might be completely opposite to what you can wear yourself. So for me I think my strength is in this type of music and that what I’m naturally good at is doing pop. But I wanted to really dig deep, which is why this was so hard. I had to push away some of the things that had become like unnatural natural go-to’s for me.”

  • “It’s funny. When I listen to material I wrote when I was 17, it’s more like this. But it wasn’t radio friendly. So when I got signed it was like “we need it to be more pop” so I went that way. I became this pop machine and I was like, “I’m bored now.” There’s not much music that has feeling in it anymore that’s commercial. Music has to stand the test of time and it also has to reflect the times as Nina Simone said. There are some topics on this album that I know some of my fans are going to find uncomfortable. But you shouldn’t feel safe all the time.”

    The new album is will be released later 2017, it is her first LP in three years since “"Sweet Talker”.
    She will perform live in the UK, Europe and North America. The concert kicks off at Birmingham Institute in Birmingham on October 8.
    Learn more about tour dates, click here.
  • source : Pressparty
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