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  • 2017-09-02
  • Ricki-Lee Premieres New Song “Not Too Late”
  • Australian singer-songwriter Ricki-Lee Coulter, aka Ricki-Lee released a new song "Not Too Late" for the first time in three years.
    The track is taken from her upcoming fifth album, which is expected to be released late in 2017. The new album is first LP in three years since "Dance in the Rain".
    The song features an attention-seizing powerhouse vocal performance in the chorus. It was written by Ricki-Lee Coulter, Neil Ormandy and Steve Solomon.

    About the new song, she said;
    “Pivoting musically is scary, but I really have faith in this song. I watch people’s faces when they hear it for the first time and their reactions are different to those for any song I’ve done before. It’s such a special song. It still gets me every time.
    I tried to really embrace imperfection and step away from attempting to paint a perfect picture that I thought people wanted. I wanted to write something that was timeless. It’s a song that has caught everybody off guard, it’s not what anybody expects from me and most of all it makes people feel something."

  • She continued;
    "We sat around and talked about our own stories — reflecting on our personal battles of overcoming grief, heartbreak, loss and addiction. We wanted the song to be universal but also really personal. For the three of us, the song is about different things. Essentially, it’s about redemption and it never being too late to right our wrongs and start again. A lot happens in life and while we’re still alive, we have time to make things right.
    I wanted people to hear the pain in these lyrics and feel where this song is coming from. We didn’t re-record it — it’s the demo vocal I did on the day. I sang the hell out of it and that was it. We thought about re-recording it, but there was something about that vocal that had all that emotion and fury and passion in it."

    Ricki-Lee is known as alumni of Australian Idol and a member of Australian pop girl group Young Divas.
    She has released four studio albums, one compilation album, nineteen singles, and sixteen music videos, so far.
    She moved to Los Angeles two years ago and started to create the new album.
  • source : Goldcoast Bulletin
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