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  • 2017-08-06
  • FILM
  • Official Trailer for Eli Roth's New Film “Death Wish” Starring Bruce Willi
  • Back in 1974, Charles Bronson starred in revenge thriller "Death Wish" directed by Michael Winner. Charles Bronson played Paul Kersey, who becomes a vigilante after his wife is murdered and his daughter is sexually assaulted during a home invasion.
    43 years later, Eli Roth remade the film, starring Bruce Willis as Paul Kersey. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Brian Garfield, who published it in 1972. A sequel novel "Death Sentence" was published in 1975.
    The film is scheduled to be released on November 22, 2017

    Paul Kersey is a doctor in Chicago and lifelong liberal. However, his staid life is overturned when his daughter, Jordan, and spouse Lucy, are attacked by muggers. His wife does not survive the attack, and his traumatized daughter is left in a vegetative state. Forced to reevaluate his views, Paul Kersey becomes a realist, and eager for vengeance. He buys a revolver and shoots a mugger who accosts him. Paul Kersey continues to take justice into his own hands, drawing would-be muggers into traps by using himself as the bait.
    In the novel, main character named Paul Benjamin, who is CPA in New York.
  • Title:
    "Death Wish"
    Eli Roth / Director: "Knock Knock"
    Bruce Willis / Paul Kersey / Actor: "Once Upon a Time in Venice"
    Elisabeth Shue / Lucy Kersey / Actress: "Chasing Mavericks"
    Camila Morrone / Jordan Kersey / Actress: "Love Advent"
    Vincent D'Onofrio / Frank Kersey / Actor: "CHIPS"
    Dean Norris / Detective Rains / Actor: "Fist Fight"
  • source : Firstshowing
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