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  • Cheryl B. Engelhardt Releases New Song “Mother Gaia” featuring Joanie Leeds & Chava Mirel

  • New York-based composer Cheryl B. Engelhardt will release her sixth studio album “A Seeker's Slumber” on July 23, 2021.
    From the album, she unveiled the third single “Mother Gaia” on Mother's Day, following “Unwind” and “Ithaca”.
    This time, she teamed up with 2021 Grammy Awards winners Joanie Leeds and Chava Mirel on the track.
    “Joanie Leeds and Chava Mirel took a leap of [New Agey, experimental, improvisational vocal] faith with me,” Cheryl B. Engelhardt shared on social media. “After interviewing Joanie Leeds about the turmoil inside of her GRAMMY-nomination ballot of Best Children's Album (which she WON!), hearing what a powerhouse she was standing her ground, standing for her beliefs of equality, I was hooked. Oh, and I also loved her album (RGB is my favorite song), 100% female- created with collaboration, including Lisa Loeb and Chava Mirel. After falling in love with her stand, then her voice, and then her collaboration process, I knew Joanie would be the perfect person to ask to be a featured vocalist on the song “Mother Gaia”.
  • She continued, “I sent her a few 8- bar motifs (midi synthesizer tracks that had minimal musical cues), some poetic text to choose from, and not much else, and DAYUM, she delivered. Not just by sending amazing vocals, but by sending me a message introducing me to Chava, saying this weirdo process (my words not hers) were right up Chava's alley. A scatting, jazzy, other-worldly alley. And it just worked. The vocals these two amazing artists (to the truest sense of the word) sent me were incredibly magical. I took my time going through note by note, phrase by phrase, moving around audio like Tetris and forming the beautiful flow that is this song.”
  • source : Spotify
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