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  • Holly Munro Releases New EP “A Crescendo Ending”

  • Irish singer-songwriter Holly Munro released her sophomore EP “A Crescendo Ending” on June 20, 2024,

    The EP comprises 4-track, written by Holly Munro and produced by Luke Potashnick.
    The EP delves into the complex dynamics of relationships, self-discovery, and sexuality, offering a nuanced exploration of her evolving identity.
    Also, the EP reflects on the blurred lines that emerge as one navigates through youth to young adulthood, touching on themes of personal growth and maturity.

    Holly Munro said of the EP, “A Crescendo Ending feels really personal to me. It's a collection of songs that I wrote on my favourite nylon guitar, after moments of meditation or reflection sitting on my bed. In terms of the recording, we tracked everything live, with only a few overdubs - the intention was for the EP to sound more in line with how the songs were actually written, as opposed to my last EP that had a bigger production. 'Out of Style 'and 'New Years Moon' explore themes of communication and introspection, while 'Dead Ends' and 'First Prize' delve into vulnerability and longing. Overall the EP is an exploration of personal growth and vulnerability”
  • Holly Munro explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Dead Ends”
    “I wrote this song after finishing a meditation that involved seeing my footprints in the sand from above. It got me thinking about my life as one big journey with all these powerful detours along the way - some paths you start on but never continue, just as some parts of yourself remain unexplored. It's about questioning the choices you make and reflecting on how they shape your future in ways you can't always predict or control.
    The video is special to me because it was filmed where the meditation that inspired the song happened. I wanted to keep the concept simple and get back to that open and free place where the song came from. The tide was out, I spun around, we found a kite, and it felt like it was meant to be!”

  • “First Prize”
    “'First Prize' is about longing to be connected to something somewhere that is bigger than myself, and the fear that can come with being unable to articulate what that is.”

    “Out of Style”
    “This song is about a relationship falling apart because of not talking about your problems. It reminisces the good times, while at the same time recognising that something has changed.”

    “New Year's Moon”
    “Wrote this one on new years eve thinking about how I didn't want to get caught up in resolutions and plans and instead invite the unexpected.”

    Photo by Kate Lawlor
  • source : Apple Music
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