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  • Gwyn Love Teams Up With La+ch for New Song “luv 2 the beat”

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Gwyn Love teamed up with Toronto-based music producer La+ch again to release a new song “luv 2 the beat” on June 7, 2024.

    The song is the follow-up to their collaborative song “get over u”, which was released last November.
    The track was written by Ava Kay, Gwendolyn Clark, and Robert Benvegnu. Produced by La+ch.

    “happy 2 b here represents moving from Oklahoma to LA perfectly to me,” Gwyn Love said of the song. “It combines the two vibes whilst having a little splash of country with a dance-y beach track. This is the first song I wrote after moving to LA and it means a lot to me because it shows how much I’ve grown over the years in music. So excited to finally share this one with the world!”
  • They continued, “I kind of just like to mesh all different styles together. I have a bluntness with my lyrics that you could find in punk music, but once I heard electronic dance music, that's when my sound really clicked for me. That’s when I really understood how I wanted my music to sound and feel.”

  • Gwyn Love shared on social media, “This song was the first song I wrote after moving to LA. I felt my time in Oklahoma had come to an end and I had learned and experienced everything I needed to from that city. This song represents a new chapter, reflection on the past but not living in it any longer, living in the moment and recognizing life has highs and lows but loving that it does because without them life would be awfully stagnant. I’m not sure if anyone is 'truly happy' or what that even means but I’m happy to be here experiencing this crazy shitshow, beautiful life with u guys. Shoutout to the legend that is La+ch for making this song come to life and just being the dopest human ever”

    Photo by Jake F
  • source : Apple Music
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