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  • The K's Releases Debut Album “I Wonder If The World Knows?”

  • Warrington-based indie-rock band The K's, consisting of Jamie Boyle (vocals/rhythm guitar), Dexter Baker (bass), Ryan Breslin (guitar) and Nathan Peers (drums), released their highly-anticipated debut album “I Wonder If The World Knows?” on April 5, 2024 via LAB Records.

    Initially, the album was supposed to be released on March 22, 2024, but was pushed back to April 5, 2024.
    The band said back in February, “Unfortunately we've had to move back the album release date as the vinyl's taking us a little longer to make than planned.”
    The album comprises 12-track (deluxe edition 18-track), written by Jamie Boyle and Ryan Breslin, and produced by Gareth Nuttall.

    The band lead singer Jamie Boyle said of the album, “The long wait is nearly over, and we are finally on the brink of releasing our debut album. I Wonder If The World Knows is a written journey throughout the last couple of years of our lives throughout the ups, the downs and everything in between. We've put our heart and soul into making the perfect record.”
  • The band explained about some tracks for the album.

    “'Chancer' is a first person account of finding drunken solace in a private members' club after being stranded in an unfamiliar city - and the events that ensued.”

    “Heart On My Sleeve”
    “'Heart On My Sleeve' is a reflection of my tendency to self-destruct or push people away whenever I have any feelings of insecurity or vulnerability, and how I hide behind a persona to try and distract from the fact that I feel this way. It's the most honest song I've written to date, and I think most people will be able to relate to the honesty and the feelings that inspired it.”

  • “Lights Go Down”
    “Lights Go Down is my favourite song I've ever written. The lyrics allude to the fact that even though we are living our dreams on and off the stage, we will always love returning to the normality of our families and friends in our hometown in between all the madness. Touring and playing live is our favourite thing in the world but there's no escaping the fact that there is no place like home.”

    “Landmines is a memoir of myself growing up. It's a story that is familiar to me, the band and thousands of other people across the UK who experienced the transition into adolescence living in a working-class town. The song sends many of us back to our late-teen days where the only recipe for a good night with friends was cheap alcohol and some sort of shelter, whether that be a tunnel or a skate park. Landmines brings back fond memories of the first real time we were free to explore the world by ourselves as, what we then thought were, 'adults' and the events that ensued”.

    “Hoping Maybe”
    “Out of all of the tracks I've written, I think “Hoping Maybe” means the most to me. It adds another level of intimacy to our live show, and there is something special in the way we connect with the crowd every single time we play it.”

    “No Place Like Home”
    “No Place Like Home is a story of the weekly occurrence of anxiety and panic attacks every Sunday. Starting with an initial feeling of confusion as to why your body feels like it's fighting to survive closely followed by the panic that sets in as you retrace your steps through the night before. The dreaded “beer fear” and financial hardship that makes you promise you'll never do it again – only to do the exact same the weekend after. The song constantly battles to try and find balance between the temporary tranquillity that comes with being intoxicated and the harsh reality of the longer term effects it has on both physical and mental health.”

    “Black and Blue”
    “Black And Blue tells a story that is all too familiar for people growing up in working class towns. What feels like an innocent attempt of trying your luck with a girl, quickly spirals into one of the local hard men listing pages and pages of ways he's going to mutilate you. Despite this, many will still try their luck as a black eye or two feels like a small price to pay.”
  • source : Apple Music
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