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  • Calum Bowie Releases New Song “We Are The River”

  • Scottish singer-songwriter Calum Bowie released a new song “We Are The River” on February 2, 2024.

    This song is his debut single from major label EMI Records.
    Calum Bowie posted a cover of British pop-rock band The Kooks' 2006 song “Naive” to TikTok. His cover went viral and accrued 60 million views on TikTok. Then, he signed to EMI Records in May 2023.
    The track was written by Calum Bowie, Nicholas Atkinson, and Edward Holloway who also produced it.
    Calum Bowie said of the song, “This song feels like something I've always thought but could never quite put my finger on. The concept first came to me when I was thinking about the river that flows through my hometown. I realised that even though I was always looking at the "same" river, it was never the same body of water. It had always been there at so many points in my life and yet it was always changing. Then I realised I was also never the same person every time I was there. Ever flowing, ever growing.”
    He continued, “I wrote this song about looking forward. Never staying in 1 place. To always keep moving on. You may look back at memories you have (like skipping stones and drinking cans by the Dee) and miss those times. But there will always be the next memory to make. Keep searching for the sea.”
  • Calum Bowie told Scottish Music Network about what happened on TikTok, “I had no idea how TikTok works and I still don't really know why it happened, but as soon as I started posting videos at the window so many more people started watching and reacting to them. I'd get someone walking by and making a request or the tourist throwing me a euro in return for a song, and those videos got even more views. So I just kept going and it gradually became a thing people recognised me for. Then it all went mad when the Kooks shared a video of me doing Naïve.”
    He added, “I absolutely loved writing this song. I remember the idea first clicking when I went home for a few days. I love the idea of looking at the same river and at first thinking nothing has changed but later realising it has never been the same body of water that you remember. The constant flow is inevitable, as is the passing of time.”

  • Photo by Joe Horridge
  • source : Apple Music
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