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  • Searows Drops New Music Video for “End Of The World”

  • Last month, American singer-songwriter Alec Duckart, aka Searows released a new EP “End Of The World”.

    It is the first EP under his new label Last Recordings On Earth.
    The EP follows up his debut album “Guard Dog”, which was released in 2022, and comprises a 6-track.
    “I find that my work most always stems from the big feelings that I'm ruminating on at any given time," Searows said of the EP. "And I've talked about it before, but I am an incredibly anxious person and anxiety is a major theme in both my work and my life. In my last album I was working with a lot of emotions that I had been holding onto since childhood and I think a lot of those songs are tinged with this feeling of catastrophe. When you're a kid and bad things happen and it feels like your whole world is ending. And I think on this EP I'm dealing with a lot of the same themes surrounding anxiety -- but through the lens of someone who has grown and learned a coping mechanism or two. You get older, you take walks, find joy in the quiet, small things, sit with the people you love, and it makes those catastrophic-world-ending-feelings feel a lot less catastrophic and world ending.”
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    From the EP, Searows has dropped a new music video for the title track directed by Karlee Boon and Marlowe Ostara.
    The track was written and produced by Alec Duckart.
    Searows said of the video, “The concept for this music video came to me on one of the driving days of the UK/Europe tour opening for Gracie Abrams. My partner and I had just rewatched the show The End of the F***ing World, and after talking through what my song 'End Of The World' meant to me, I realised I wanted the video to explore this specific kind of anxiety that I know I share with many others, where my mind can turn the smallest worry into the literal end of the world. So we decided to create our own little ode to runaways, à la Bones and All and The End of the F***ing World.”

  • He continued, “In the video there's a narrative involving two people who find each other at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere Oregon, after experiencing separate and unspecified catastrophic events. Ultimately the pair finds happiness and solace in each other's company, which is a theme of the song: When you accept love and find community, or find even one other person who can ground you (and you them), the feelings that could have ended the world become manageable.”
  • source : Apple Music
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