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  • Alexander Stewart Releases New EP “if you only knew”

  • Los Angeles-based Canadian singer-songwriter Alexander Stewart released a new EP “if you only knew” on December 8, 2023.

    The EP is his first body of work in two years since the 2021 EP “Aftermath”.
    The EP comprises a 6-track, including four new songs, two preceding singles “I Wish You Cheated” and “he never will”.
    Produced by Adam Yaron, Peter Thomas, TMS and Whakaio Taahi.
    “Writing these songs was the most beautiful and heartbreaking process I think I've been through,” Alexander Stewart said of the EP. “I've poured so much emotion into this EP, and it captures so many vulnerable moments from my life, with if you only knew being one of the heaviest. As a songwriter, it's really cathartic to be able to share this story, and my only hope is that it helps people who might be struggling in their own ways.”
  • He continued, “This year has been a huge roller coaster for me. The journey as an independent artist is so much of a hustle, and to be able to finally put out this body of work is incredibly rewarding and exciting. I've poured so much emotion into this EP. It's turned into such a beautiful snapshot of this time in my life, and I can't wait for my fans to hear these stories.”

  • Alexander Stewart explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “​​i wish you cheated”
    “I've been so blown away by the reaction to this song. I wrote it over a year ago sitting at the piano when I was in a pretty vulnerable place. To see this song resonate with so many people online and hear the fans screaming the words back to me on stage every night has been incredibly rewarding as an artist.”

    “he never will”
    “'he never will' is the first song I've written from the third person, and it's about a friend who's in a relationship you know isn't going to be good for them in the end. There comes a point, as their friend, when you have to decide how honest you're going to be. This song is about seizing that moment, helping a friend realize their worth and ultimately not letting them get taken for granted.”

    “​​if you only knew” via fame magazine
    “'if you only knew,' is a deeply personal song addressed to my mom about dark feelings I had when I was younger that I felt too scared to talk about. As I got older, and more comfortable talking about this I found myself really leaning on my friends and family. I want people's take away from any of my music, but especially if you only knew is that you are not alone in your struggles. And people really really care about you. It's scary to speak up about what's going on in your brain but it's so important.”

    Photo by Erik Melvin
  • source : Apple Music
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