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  • Jonah Kagen Releases New EP “The Roads”

  • American singer-songwriter Jonah Kagen released his sophomore EP “The Roads” on December 1, 2023 via Arista Records.

    The EP is his first project in a year since his 2022 debut EP “georgia got colder”.
    The EP comprises a 6-track, including four preceding singles and two new songs, featuring a guest appearance from American singer-songwriter Lily Meola.
    Jonah Kagen said of the EP, “'The Roads' is a story of decisions and consequences," Jonah says. "Each song represents a distinct moment in my ongoing quest to 'figure it out' and what those moments did and continue to do to me. Each is a road that I've taken that has shaped and continues to shape who I am. I hope people can find a piece of themselves in these stories, and I encourage you to listen with an open heart and an open mind. I wrote these songs to land anywhere—take them as they are, or as they are to you.”
  • Jonah Kagen explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “The Roads”
    “'The Roads' is one of those songs I feel like I've been working toward for so long. It's the culmination of so much heartbreak, so much growing up, and so much learning. Some of my favorite lyrics and sounds I've ever created are in this song, and I think the story speaks for itself—I hope you can feel the years of emotion and human experience pouring out in it.”

    “'Pollution' is about nostalgia, but more specifically, it's about the desperate craving to get back to a time of simplicity and innocence. I think there's something especially heartbreaking about losing your innocence as you grow up, and it's something that I think about every day.”

  • “Made Up My Mind” featuring Lily Meola
    “'Made Up My Mind' is one of those songs that felt special from day one. It's a bit different for me, but I had so much fun experimenting with the sound and working with incredible people like Lily. She really brought the song to life.”
    Lily Meola added, “This song is much darker than anything I've done before, but it's always good to get out of your comfort zone! I really enjoyed working with Jonah, he is talented beyond measure and I'm just so stoked to be a part of this song!”

    “'18' is the first song i've ever fully written, recorded, and produced myself. And I'm incredibly proud of that. Thank you so much to everyone involved in the release and for all the love y'all have been showing me and the song. '18' is a song that I never thought anyone in the world except myself would ever hear. It's about falling in love as a kid and how that same love can go from absolutely everything to nothing in just a few minutes. I wrote this song from the deepest part of my being, and I hope you find your own story somewhere in the lyrics.”

    Photo by Jon Vulpine
  • source : Apple Music
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