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  • Lachie Gill Releases Debut EP “Write It Out”

  • Australian singer-songwriter and The Voice Australia winner Lachie Gill released his highly-anticipated debut EP “Write It Out” on November 17, 2023.

    The EP comprises 6-track, featuring a guest appearance from Australian singer-songwriter Elaskia. Produced by Andy Mak, Edwin White, Joel Quartermain and Thom Macken.
    Lachie Gill told ThomasBleach about the EP, “The EP started to come together after The Voice and the show finished, so there's no songs from before that period. So it really is the last year and a half of my life. I've easily seen the most change in my short 25 year life so far during that period. I've experienced some pretty crazy things, and obviously everyone goes through their highs and lows but for me finishing that show was a massive high. So I started with that high, and then I went through my first and biggest heartbreak yet which was a massive low. Within all that craziness I found the time to write songs, and I guess this is just that body of work, and it is very personal.”
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    He continued, “There's a few upbeat songs, but there's also a few really sad songs. I guess it does make me look back on those experiences. I'm past my heartbreak now and, and obviously the show's been finished long enough now, but it's crazy to look back on and think that's what happened.”

  • Lachie Gill explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Happy It's Ending” via ThomasBleach
    “It was definitely a song that could have easily gone down the route of being a really sad ballad, and that would have probably been the easier road to go down with the way I write. The way I can kind of sing those songs very emotionally is very easy for me to do. So we definitely were thinking about that concept because I went in with the line, “this is not a happy ending, but I'm happy it's ending” that I had just written down in my journal.”

    “Right People Wrong Time” featuring Elaskia via ThomasBleach
    “This is one of the more straightforward, very simple, type songs in terms of production. It's me and my guitar. There's nothing crazy about how it was recorded. And I think people can just relate so much to that authenticity and rawness of it. There's no bells and whistles. I think people can picture me sitting in a room and just playing that, and can see the story as I'm singing it. So I have a feeling that is why it's kind of resonated with so many people in the way it has, not to mention the theme behind the song is something that everyone can relate to with how we've gotten to this very technological place of how we live.”

    “Holding On” via ThomasBleach
    “We didn't want to add much to this, and we really wanted it to be similar to 'Right People Wrong Time'. The lyrics and the vocal kind of speak for themselves, and they don't need too much going on around them. I feel like sometimes it can just be very distracting from the main message and the emotion and rawness of the song.”

    “Sad Summer”
    “It was at a time when my relationship was going through a bit of a rough stage. I've written way too many sad songs, and I wanted to see if I could put that energy into something a bit more upbeat. I've never wanted to be just a sad ballad singer. People have only ever heard me giving that real grit and emotion. Sad Summer' still has that emotion, but it takes on a more happy, fun, and cheeky sort of vibe.”

    “Hate That You Hurt”
    “A representation of the last year of my life. Some achievements that have been hard to fully comprehend & some personal struggles that have absolutely sucked. Life can be so brutal but I consider myself one of the lucky ones to be able to share my story through music. It's tough to open up about things that truly did hurt, but it feels good knowing that other people can now resonate and find comfort in that through this song. When I say this music video is the coolest thing I've ever made I MEAN IT!!”

    “Write It Out” via ThomasBleach
    “I've been journaling for a long time and I always wake up and write down what I'm feeling in my journal, and I always title it exactly what it is. One day I sat down and decided I should try to write a song about this process of what I do every morning. I thought it would be quite fitting for the EP and it turned out to be a song that I just absolutely loved acoustically that when we put some production on it it's going to be great regardless.”
  • source : Apple Music
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