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  • Grace Gachot Releases New Song “Built To Be Bad”

  • London-based singer-songwriter Grace Gachot has released a new song “Built To Be Bad” along with a music video.

    The song is the third single of 2023, following “Loca Por Ti!” and “The List”.
    It was written by Grace Gachot and Ollie Green, who also produced the track.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Callum Lloyd-James.
    The track is a poignant and epic piano ballad that captures the raw emotions of a broken heart.
    Grace Gachot said of the song, “I wrote this at my lowest point, writing it out felt like therapy. I'm past it now and happier than ever but I thought it might be nice to share for those are going through it, know that you're not alone & that it doesn't last forever.”
  • Grace Gachot shared on social media, “Breakups are silent. Despite the heated intensity of the build up, there is a togetherness in the final moments, even during the bitter endings. The idea of breaking up sounds much more inviting until you realise the reality of it. Suddenly this voice you have come to feel at home with, begins to fade away. It fades into a painful silence until you are left with only your thoughts and feelings. There is a mystery around their life without you, blurry assumptions, the grass is always greener and the movies in your mind are always painful. The idea of finding someone new is nauseating and feels a million miles away from where you are today.
    Each day comes with a new wave of emotions. At times, not knowing what tomorrow holds, is scary but you take each wave as it comes and try to swim even though you know you're drowning. Breakups are common yet so unique to each individual situation, that you feel no one understands - although they seem like they do.”

  • She continued, “Waking up and falling asleep are the hardest. There is a romance to the evening which begs you to reach out. There is a deeper ache and a softer tone around life which brings you back to the beautiful love you once shared. The mornings contrast this, they feel cold, ruthless and force your unfortunate reality to be displayed clearly under the bright light of day. You rush to your phone, after having not checked it for a whole night, you feel hope. Maybe they reached out? There are endless possibilities and updates that being away from the world for a whole 8 hours could bring. But everyday without fail, the morning silence is the biggest display of their acceptance. The romanticism of the evenings didn't sway him like it almost swayed me. This happens day after day until you realise that the more time that passes, the more you will both get used to this new life without each other.”

    She added, “Breakups are character forming, they are heated and they are silent, they are loving and deeply hating. They take you on a journey of 1000 emotions & all lead to one thing... change. Although the intensity of your feelings remain, sometimes, the uglier emotions subside and give way to a kind of peace that can only be described as beautiful. It feels like clouds are clearing for the first time. It doesn't hurt less though, it hurts more. It's aching, it's honest, it's informative to you of your new reality but it's peaceful. You are at peace amongst the heartbreak and somehow, in its own messed up way, even heartbreak was beautiful. To have loved and to have lost with such depth, can only be beautiful... And then everything you shared becomes memories of moments from another time.”

    Photo by Mollie Hosmer
  • source : Apple Music
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