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  • Cody Fry Releases New Album “The End”

  • Nashville-based singer-songwriter Cody Fry released his seventh studio album “The End” on September 15 2023 via Decca Records US.

    It is his first studio album in two years since the 2021 album “Pictures of Mountains”. Also, it is his first major label album release.
    The album comprises 9-track including a cover of Coldplay's “Fix You”, featuring guest appearances from Cory Wong, Abby Cates, and VOCES8. Produced by Chad Copelin and Cody Fry.
    The album features his personal journey after his first experiences with panic attacks and anxiety in 2020,
    Cody Fry said of the album, “It's a journey through my dealings with anxiety, trying to find hope and self-confidence. I'm really proud of it.”
    He continued, “When they finally shut down the world, I lost my mind for a little bit. I look back and go, 'What a lucky life I've lived not to have dealt with stuff like this before,' but it's given me a totally new and improved outlook on what people with mental health experience all the time. A lot of how I've been trying to deal with mental health in my own life comes across on the album.”
    He added, “I hope my music can help others tell deeper stories about their own lives. Music taps into a deep biological sense we all have. I want to help you score your life.”
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    Cody Fry recorded the album with a symphony orchestra and calls his music as Symphonic pop music.
    He explained, “I was doing a lot of media scoring and film scoring on the side because I love doing that orchestration stuff. And I was doing singer-songwriter stuff as an artist. And one day it hit me, I was just like, why am I keeping these worlds separate? Why can't I try to create something that involves all of those skills... And as soon as I made that decision to put orchestra on everything, the whole world of creativity opened up.”
    He continued, “Oh, no one was more shocked than I was, I promise you. Imagine going and pitching 'I Hear A Symphony' to a record label, 'Alright, it's got three verses, no steady tempo, and no beat. Oh, and the choruses are a random chromatic orchestral interlude.' It's not the formula, so I'm amazed and humbled that people end up gravitating towards it.”

  • Cody Fry explained about some tracks foe the album.

    “What If?”
    “The song begins in a place of anxiety, but it uses this strategy I've developed from going to therapy. Anxiety is looking at the worst possible outcome of any given situation. If you're going to do that, you have to also acknowledge that there is a best possible outcome.”

    “Waltz for Sweatpants”
    “What I really love about being in love is staying at home all day in my sweatpants. That feels like romantic love to me! So, I wanted a song for myself, and for people who feel that way. The song is about two people who show up to the ball in their pajamas. It's a song for the crazy ones, for the people who don't fit in.”

    “Things You Said” featuring Abby Cates
    “I would like to be the guy who's known for orchestral pop music. I love the puzzle of it. A lot of times, I create films in my head to write to. Thinking visually helps me build an environment and get a sense of place and character. Within a song, you have to communicate emotion in a finite amount of time. I appreciate the boundaries imposed by composing, because I think those limitations make me even more creative.”

    “It's definitely the most depressing song I've written. I've realized when somebody says, 'I've felt that way before,' it makes you feel like you're not alone. 'Fine' does exactly that.”

    “Fix You” via WUNC 91.5
    “I try my best when I'm writing or creating to just kind of have the mindset of 'what sounds like it would be fun to make today,' because I think the best thing I can do is have fun making something because I think that really comes across in the music.”

    Photo by F. Scott Schafer
  • source : Apple Music
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