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  • Lola Blanc Premieres New Short Film & Music Video for “Trust Me” on FANGORIA

  • Back in August, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Lola Blanc returned with a new song “Trust Me”.

    It is her first music in two years since the 2021 single “Here Come the Wolves”.
    The track was written by David Burris and Lola Blanc. Produced by Jeremy Dawson and David Burris.
    Two months later, she premiered a new short film and music video for “Trust Me” on FANGORIA.
    She wrote and directed the film and video with a total of 12 minutes. She filmed in Norway.
    Lola Blanc said of the film and video, “When we were finishing the song (produced by Jeremy Dawson & David Burris), I got this image of a brutalist, minimalist, isolated place in my head and I became kind of obsessed with the idea of that place and what would happen there. I'd been planning to have someone else direct a video for me because it's so much harder to direct yourself, but my film brain turned on and it felt like it had to be me. And I knew I wasn’t going to find anywhere like that in California — at least nothing we’d ever be able to afford — so I started looking in Europe just to see. I happened to find this incredible remote house in Norway, and then got connected with Silje Baer of Ferdi Film in Oslo, who produced the project and helped me pull off something I would never have been able to do without them.”
  • She continued, “I started writing the script and it became a story about indoctrination, a controlling relationship, and a character who’s questioning the reality she's been living in. I guess it makes sense that that's where the story took me — this is the kind of thing I talk about on my podcast every week, and it's something I've experienced firsthand, albeit under very different circumstances.”
    She added, “We're all capable of believing unbelievable things. Even when a small part of us senses that something is wrong, it’s so easy to disbelieve those parts of ourselves. And it's that process of waking up into reality, and realizing nothing is what you thought, that I really wanted to convey.”

  • Lola Blanc shared on social media, “This summer, I decided to make my life difficult by shooting my new short film - which is also a narrative music video for my new song, Trust Me - in Norway. I had a story to tell about perception, manipulation, and trusting your own instincts, and there was a specific, unrealistic image in my head of what that story looked like and what SFX it would require. And somehow we did it! I could never in a million years have pulled off shooting this in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country without the incredible Silje Baer, and Ferdi Film. (Based in Oslo! Hire them!!) It was an amazing team, a challenging and rewarding and beautiful week, and now FANGORIA is premiering the project (thank you always Phil Nobile Jr.). I’m proud of our weird little thriller art film. Please go watch! You know where to find dat link.”
  • source : FANGORIA
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