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  • Nieve Ella Releases New EP “Lifetime of Wanting”

  • British indie pop singer-songwriter Nieve Ella has released her sophomore EP “Lifetime of Wanting” via AWAL Recordings.

    The new EP arrived just eight months after the debut EP “Young & Naive”.
    The EP comprises 5-track, produced by Iain Berryman.
    Nieve Ella said of the EP, “My first EP was based on my life two years ago – a period where I felt unwanted and unsure of myself. A lot has changed since then, and with this new project I went in with a whole new mindset. The person I am today had to find a way to write about being in-love.”
    She continued, “This EP has been one of my favourite things I've ever got to experience. Produced by the one and only Iain Berryman who I can't thank enough for wanting to be apart of this project with me. To create a world that I feel completely connected to is something i'm super grateful for.”
  • Nieve Ella explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “Big House”
    “Big House is a metaphor for building a life with someone that you love. Every moment shared with your person is like a brick, each one helping create a home you wanna spend your life in. This song is a celebration of all the things I wanna do in my relationship, big and small.”

    “His Sofa”
    “It’s a love song filled with insecurities. It was written at a time when I felt so vulnerable, being new to a relationship I had never experienced before. It’s an overreaction and none of it is true but I wanted a song I could scream in the car, on stage, in my room.
    I started writing this song in my room in Brighton last July, and I knew instantly that Noah Terefe & Luke Grieve could help me finish writing it, and I was right. You guys are so incredible. I'm so insanely lucky to have such talented humans on this track with me. to have my best friend Finn Marlow help me bring this song to life is a dream. forever in awe of your melodies, lyrics and shredding xxxx.”

  • “Your Room”
    “I used to feel so defined by what other people thought of me, it felt like such a weight on my shoulders and really brought me down. I wanted a song that felt like it lifted all of that away. It’s hard in the moment to sometimes remember how far I’ve come and how much has changed in my life, and this song is a celebration of that and everything I have today.
    Your Room has been sat in the demo files for a year and a half and me and Luca both have known how special it was for all this time. I was 18 when I started doing sessions in london and i had NO clue what I was doing. I met Luca on a facetime call that our managers set up and come January 2022 we wrote Your Room (originally called Dinosaur lol) in our first session! Every song I write has a special place in my heart and this one definitely has that. I had no idea how I really felt about the situation I was currently going through at the time, but I find the lyrics still help and resonate with me to this day. Not everything should last forever, I hope it empowers you as much as it does me.”

    “Car Park”
    “Car Park is the acknowledgement that relationships aren’t always perfect and they take hard work from both ends. But, having that constant in your life, that person being there for you and loving you despite your flaws, makes it all worthwhile. I would do anything to make it work despite my doubts and insecurities, and this song captures that feeling for me.
    I spent a couple of months trying to figure out the last single for this and i STRESSED A LOT, but then i met Hugo M. Hardy is someone i connected with straight away. From our first session in April time, I opened up to him the second we sat down. To feel comfortable writing with a stranger is something i've always struggled with BUT then Car Park came. One of my favourite songs i've ever written AND i can say i wrote it with one of my favourite talented people Hugo.”
  • source : Apple Music
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