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  • Tiffany Stringer Releases New Song “End of an Era”

  • American singer-songwriter Tiffany Stringer released a new song “End of an Era” on September 29, 2023.

    This is her most vulnerable song about end of her eight-year relationship.
    Tiffany Stringer shares on social media, “This song is soooo special to me - releasing it feels like i'm literally releasing this pain from my body heart & mind !!!! Most importantly, this song would simply not exist without the incredible friendships I have in my life. end of an era is the physical manifestation of me finally realizing what I am worth.”
    The song is the third single of 2023, following “Shut Up” and “Heaven”.
    The track was written by Tiffany Stringer, and Nick Kaufman, who also produced it.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Michael J. Murphy.
  • Tiffany Stringer told Nerds and Beyond about the song in an interview, “Something I realized while writing this is that everything I had written in the past, there was a little part of me that was writing it so people would love me. This was the first experience I had where I fully wrote this song because I needed to. So I wanted to make sure I honored the relationship with him — there are a lot of breakup songs that are like 'screw you, you suck!' or 'I miss you.' It was hard because this breakup had a lot of that in it. I wanted to make sure it was something that captured that for me and my healing.”

  • She continued, “When it came time to release it, I honestly had been really scared. It's so nuanced, people feel like they're owed an explanation and I get that. There were a lot of things we were hiding in our relationship and I'm trying to find a way to navigate it because I do love him and there's a lot of love between us but not everything lasts forever. That's kind of why I wanted to release it because I just wanted to start being honest. I felt like I hadn't been for so long because I wanted to protect it - him, our relationship, me.”

    Photo by Ron Dadon
  • source : Apple Music
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