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  • Paige Valentine Releases New Song “Navigate”

  • Australian singer-songwriter Paige Valentine released a new song “Navigate” on September 29, 2023.

    The song is the third single off of her upcoming debut album “Lucky Blue”, which is set to be released on February 2, 2024 via Nettwerk.
    On the track, she explores the relationship between two people who are absolutely not right for each other but are united by some cosmic magnetism that is impossible to resist.
    The track was written by Paige Valentine and produced by Andy Lawson. The accompanying music video was directed by Michael Tartaglia.
    Paige Valentine said of the song, “’Navigate’ is about the phenomenon of someone only wanting someone or something when it’s gone. It’s about the magnetic force that makes toxic lovers so hard to separate, the push-pull dynamic, and internal agony of waiting for someone to stop being confused and ‘see the light’, see the good things. It’s also about the psychic feeling that the love interest has someone else, that there’s something in the way of the connection, or in the way of the relationship having a proper start.”
  • She continued, “So navigating a space of trying to be carefree and understanding, but also being frustrated and exhausted, struggling with the power and force of the connection. It was about a guy who was always looking for greener grass while he had good things, and ultimately deciding to leave this unforgettable, powerful, magnetic, and chaotic chemistry to just be a memory.”
    The debut album comprises 10-track, produced by Andy Lawson.
    Thematically, her music arches across age-old artistic fascinations; love, death, growth, a loss of innocence, and the stark face of grief. She writes elegantly, cutting straight to the heart of matters with devastating concision.

  • Photo by Michael Tartaglia
    Background photo by Cedric Tang
  • source : Apple Music
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