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  • Bellah Mae Releases Debut EP “With All Due Disrespect”

  • British singer-songwriter Bellah Mae released her debut EP “With All Due Disrespect” on September 22, 2023.

    The EP comprises 6-track, in which she wrote the songs chronologically, charting the confusing emotions experienced in the aftermath of a breakup.
    Produced by Alex Stacey, Jordan Riley, Kingdoms, Paul Meehan and RISC.
    Bellah Mae shared on social media, “6 lil songs written for 1 lil boy who was honestly overdue every slither of disrespect served up within this EP... There's now 1,000's of you who sing these songs at their 1 person who did them wrong and we are... The Hot Ex Girlfriends Club. I honestly feel this is more OUR EP than mine..”
    Bellah Mae embarks on Hot Ex Girlfriends Club headline tour in support of the EP. The tour kicks off at SWG3 Poetry Club in Glasgow on October 16, 2023,
    Learn more about tour dates, here.
  • Bellah Mae explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Boyfriend of The Year”
    “I'd had the opening line of the chorus in my notes app for a few months, but I didn't know which angle I wanted to take the song. Josh and I started trying out ideas and, in an hour, we had written the song. It was one of those examples where it just writes itself.
    When I uploaded the song to TikTok, the response was so amazing and positive. I wrote it from my personal experiences, but the number of messages I've had from girls and guys sending me paragraphs about their own situations is incredible. As a songwriter, it's confirmation that I'm doing something right.”

  • “Feels Like You Died”
    “I feel like as human beings the only other way we experience that is when somebody is physically gone.”

    “On Purpose (For My Future Daughter)”
    “The only thing worse than being hurt by somebody you love, is when they knew what they were doing and did it on purpose. I want people to hear this song and know that I feel what they feel as do so many others, and for them to know they're going to be ok. Sometimes it's hard to prioritise what's best for yourself when you've been in an unhealthy environment, so I try to imagine what would be best for little me or for my future daughter. She deserves love and happiness, and this song reminds me to put myself first for her.”

    “Drama King”
    “Dating has a lot of weird aspects, but one thing that has always annoyed me is making women hysterical. What a double standard! Me and my friends experienced something completely different. I'm really happy to release this song. I hope it will appeal to women who are constantly trying not to upset their partner. Let this song be a reminder that controlling and possessiveness do not equate to love.”

    “Mr Hypocrite”
    “I'm so proud of the song and the message within it. It came about when I was driving to the studio and I was reflecting on a conversation myself and my bestie Lily had the night before… where a guy had said to me 'guys are never friends with girls, they always want something more with them'. But he had a girl best friend, and I wasn't allowed to have guy friends. I was like, how does this even make sense! It wasn't the first time and it took me into a spiral sparking thoughts of all the hypocritical nonsense I've had in my dating life that no one shouldn't have to put up with, should they?!”

    “Date Your Dad”
    “This is by far the funniest song I've ever written and I'm buzzing to have this out in the world.”
  • source : Apple Music
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