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  • Alex Amor Releases New Song “Cherry Blossom Boy”

  • London-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Alex Amor released a new song “Cherry Blossom Boy” on September 26, 2023.

    The song is the fifth single off of her upcoming EP “Super Sonic”, which is set to be released on November 3, 2023 via Young Poet.
    The track was written by Alex Amor and Ben Matravers. Produced by Ben Matravers and Josef Page.
    Alex Amor said of the song, “When I first wrote "Cherry Blossom Boy in my bedroom, it started as a simple guitar ballad. However, when we took it to the studio and played around with the tempo, the song transformed into something better. The lyrics delve into the experience of building up expectations upon meeting someone new, only to have those hopes crushed when the person fails to live up to them. It's like admiring a cherry blossom, which only blooms for a short period of time. It’s melancholic, watching something so vibrant fade away. But sometimes the most beautiful things in life are fleeting, just like a summer love. I wrote so many lyrics for the song that I decided to experiment with a spoken word section in the middle 8. I’m glad I kept it in because it’s one of my favourite parts of the song.”
  • The new EP comprises 7-track. The EP's artwork centres around individual character studies; more specifically different facets of Alex's own personality, with each song and its corresponding visual representing a unique side to her psyche.
    Alex Amor explained about the concept of the EP and its visuals, “The concept behind the creation of the 'Super Sonic' bus was to bring the essence of each song to life in human form, taking you on a journey through my music. Drawing inspiration from my favourite cinematographer Wes Anderson, I was captivated by his colour theory and his compelling character studies in his movies. Every passenger aboard the 'Super Sonic' bus embodies the story telling in my songs and represents different aspects of my personality. With each new song release, my hope is that listeners will not only connect with the music but also discover more about who I am and relate to some of the characters that accompany the songs.”

  • She added, “I’m hoping someone can listen to one of my songs and feel less alone in what they’re experiencing," Alex continued. "Maybe by chance they’re going through the exact same thing as I have or maybe they just need to escape into their headphones for a few minutes. Isn’t that the true purpose of music?”.

    Photo by Mila Austin
  • source : Apple Music
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