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  • RLY Premieres New Song “Superpower” on BBC Radio 1

  • British pop music girl group RLY, consisting of Halle Williams, Virginia Hampson, Kellimarie Willis, Jess Folley and Kyra West, premiered their second single called “Superpower” on BBC Radio 1's Future Pop with Mollie King.

    The song follows up their debut song “Love Me Or Not”, which was released last month.
    Also, the track will appear on their upcoming EP.
    It was written by Halle Williams, Virginia Hampson, Kyra-Paige West, Kellimarie Willis, Jessica Folley, Talay Riley, and MOMBRU, who also prodeced the track. The accompanying music visualiser was directed by James Arden.
    The group said of the song, “'Superpower' is a song about making it through something that almost breaks you. It shines a light on how strong we become from pushing on through these moments of darkness, and how exhilarating it can be to start feeling like yourself again.”
  • Each member said of the song.
    Jess Folley : “When we wrote this song I was just starting to overcome years of battling with some mental health issues that completely debilitated my life. Writing this with Kyra empowered me. I saw what I had gained from it all, and I hope other people see their own strength when they hear it.”
    Kyra West: “The conversations that inspired 'Superpower' were about embracing vulnerability and turning it into a source of power. We spoke about individual weaknesses and how important it was to not let that be a barrier for anyone. It's about finding power within vulnerability and turning weaknesses into strengths. it's a universal theme that resonates with people from all walks of life."

  • Kellimarie Willis: “It's so important for all of us to relate to our songs even if they're in different ways with 'Superpower' we all take something special away from it for varied reasons. This way, we are all singing songs that feel truthful to us, but more importantly that there's more of a chance of it connecting with the people who listen to it too."
    Virginia Hampson: “The creative process has been so much fun. It's been filled with writing a lot of music, dance and vocal rehearsals preparing us for live shows whilst in the mean time creating ideas for social media to engage and grow our fan base. Having 4 others to vibe 24/7 has made our time in the band so much more exciting and our different strengths bring so much to our project making it feel whole”.
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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