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  • Peter Gabriel Drops New Music Video for “Panopticom (Dark-Side Mix)”

  • British singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel has dropped a new music video for “Panopticom (Dark-Side Mix)”.

    The video was created by Stephen Grzanowski, aka Vnderworld, who took 2nd place at Peter Gabriel / Stability AI competition in April 2023.
    Earlier this month, Peter Gabriel released the music video for “The Court (Dark-Side Mix)”, which was 3rd place of the same competition.
    This video for “Panopticom (Dark-Side Mix)” is the follow-up to it.
    Peter Gabriel said of the video, “We are glad you found this medium because it seems like you were born to do it, it's extraordinary work.”
    The song was released from his upcoming tenth studio album “i/o” back in January. The track was written and produced by Peter Gabriel.
  • Stephen Grzanowski explained about the video, “I was thrilled with the opportunity to create visuals for ‘Panopticom’ and at the possibility of creating a music video for Peter Gabriel. I created this video in 1 week with the use of Stable Diffusion Deforum via the open-source WebUI, Automatic1111, after months of deep-dive learning and creating 2D and 3D motion parameters within the tool.”
    He continued, “By resonating deeply with the song's intricate themes, the video becomes a testament to the essence of artistic expression—a visual voyage mirroring the artist's own journey of self-discovery. It's a compelling invitation to question the very nature of our perceived reality, which aligns strikingly with the essence of 'Panopticon'.”
  • source : Apple Music
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