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  • YONAKA Releases New EP “Welcome To My House”

  • Brighton-based alt-rock band YONAKA, consisting of Theresa Jarvis (vocals), George Edwards (guitar) and Alex Crosby (bass), released a new EP “Welcome To My House” on July 28, 2023.

    It is their first project in two years since the 2021 mixtape “Seize the Power”.
    The EP comprises 7-track, produced by Alex Crosby, Jesse Bluu, Sacha Skarbek, Stephen Barnes, Theresa Jarvis and Zakk Cervini.
    The band lead singer Theresa Jarvis said of the EP, “Each song represents a memory or emotion inside me. The experiences I have gone through have all spent time inside my house and consumed me. With the EP being called Welcome To My House, visually I want listeners to be able to open up a door, come into my world and see what each song meant to me at that specific time in my life.”
    The band shared on social media, “Welcome To My House is out now everywhere please go listen to it and watch all the videos. It feels SO good to have a new body of work out! There is something on it for everyone. This is a piece of my heart to you and I fell in and out and back in love with everything. Love you.”
  • Theresa Jarvis explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “By The Time You're Reading This”
    “This song is about living in the moment. When we aren't consumed by our past or worrying about our future that is when we are truly living. I feel like so many moments have been missed from not being fully present and you only realize how much this thing or persona was to you when it's gone. I think it's about taking the time to enjoy what's infant of you and stop becoming the story of your past.”

    “'PANIC' is a song about having a panic attack and how the body gets taken over by this other entity. I've got the angel and the devil on my shoulders, constantly arguing about which road I should go down, and how mental health carries a weight so heavy that it's hard to feel affected by outside dangers. But I want you to feel the lightness of the track, and I want it to make you laugh because I'm literally having an argument with myself.”

  • “Welcome To My House” via Upset
    “This song is an insight into who I am, or who at least I think I am, talking about my faults and the coping mechanisms I've learnt to deal with in life as I've grown up. I paint myself in a way that, although it could feel negative, I always allow myself a way out, and I shine a light on my tenderness, stillness and love in the middle eight. I talk about how these feelings/emotions and experiences I have are all just fleeting moments, all just gusts that will come and go, and nothing is forever. This song was really cathartic for me when writing it. I feel like we have no control over the circumstances we are born into, but we have all the control over who and what we choose to be now.”

    “Give Me My Halo”
    “This song feels a bit different from what we normally do. We wrote it on piano and it's very beautiful. It's about acceptance and feeling comfortable within yourself and sometimes the journey to that isn't always pleasant but it's essential. It's about being brave, welcoming change, trying new things, and really living for yourself. You're turning from a caterpillar into a butterfly through experiencing life.”

    “I Want More” via Upset
    “It's about wanting more. I talk about how daily routines get so very boring and, how I've had a taste for what life could be more often, how I would drink to escape the monotony. It's that wanting to get more out of life which is there to be had. It's about enjoying yourself more and not taking life too seriously. Having more fun.”

    “I Don't Care” via Upset
    “This song is about being around people who are shallow and think that the world revolves around them. And coming to terms with the fact that maybe these people aren't your friends or people you want to associate yourself with. I feel like when you are young, you try to blend and morph into what people want you to be so you fit in, and when you grow a bit older, you realise you don't have to do that, and you don't care what they think. It's about finding out who you are and not changing to meet people's needs who you don't really like anyway.”

    “Hands Off My Money” via Upset
    “This song is an angry one. It's about having people fuck with you too many times and being done with it. When you have been assertive and asked for things to be done, and they get overlooked. Standing up strong and saying this is what I want, and this is what I will get. I feel like my position as a woman was overlooked when asking for certain needs to be met, and this is a fuck you to them.”

    Photo by Brian Ziff
  • source : Apple Music
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