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  • YUNGBLUD Drops New Live Videos for “Medication”, “California” & “Anarchist”

  • Back in February, British singer-songwriter YUNGBLUD took place the UK arena tour and concluded at OVO Arena Wembley in London.

    He has dropped three live videos for “Medication”, “California” and “Anarchist” filmed at OVO Arena Wembley.
    His live shows aimed to connect with everyone at the venue. He encouraged fans to treat everyone with respect.
    YUNGBLUD said, “Never be afraid to be yourself. If people don't like you for it, they've got no fucking imagination. You're fucking brilliant just the way you are. “People still misunderstand me. They'll never fucking get it. But it doesn't matter because we've got each other.”
    Three songs are featured on his debut album “21st Century Liability”, which was released in 2018.
  • “Medication” was written by Patrick Nissley, Sluggo and YUNGBLUD.
    YUNGBLUD said of “Medication”, “I think growing up in a heavily medicated society you quickly learn how much we use drugs to distract ourselves from addressing whats going on in real life. They tell you to seek help about mental health, however when you do, all they do is prescribe medication. They make out that it's supposed to help, but to me all it does is numb the issues and not actually face them. It tricks you into feeling that you cannot be inexcusably yourself without your “chemical happiness” and that was what was going through my head when I wrote this track.”

  • “California” was written by Martin Terefe and YUNGBLUD.
    He said of “California”, “California was a place where I signed to my record label. This was the first moment in my life people wanted to invest in me for being myself.”

    “Anarchist” was written by YUNGBLUD and Matt Schwartz.
    He said of “Anarchist”, “I love hip hop and trap music. The rhythms are just so fucking infectious. I just heard it in my head and thought why can't I put guitars over 808s and sing a hip hop melody over the top? I always had a lot of energy and was very opinionated growing up and a lot of people misunderstood me. My energy was mistaken for me just being it of control when all I was doing was expressing myself.”
  • source : YouTube
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