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  • Sheppard Releases New Song “Daylight”

  • Australian indie pop band Sheppard, consisting of George Sheppard (vocals/guitar), Amy Sheppard (vocals/keyboards) and Emma Sheppard (bass), released a new song “Daylight” along with a music video on June 30, 2023.

    This song is the second single following “Good Time”, the first song in two years released in March.
    The track was George Sheppard, Amy Sheppard, Nolan Sipe, and Ryan Daly who also produced it.
    An accompanying music video inspired by “ET” was directed by Josh Harris.
    The band teased the song on social media along with a clip, “UFO's, once the punchline of a comic strip, are now a serious part of our global conversation. They're clearly out there. These shimmering discs in the sky, breaking our puny laws of physics. The proof is undeniable. I mean just look at that. We used to gaze at the stars and wonder, are we alone in the universe? Now glance upwards and ponder, are they going to interrupt the footy? Next time you a UFO, don't run. Instead, put another snag on the grill, gaze upward, enjoyed the Interstellar show. After all, it's not everyday you become part of a cosmic audience. Unless of course you're George, Amy, and Ema from the band Sheppard They 're legends those guys. Hav you heard their new single? It's absolute banger. I know it's a big call but I think it might actually be the bangiest banger I've ever heard.”
  • source : Spotify
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