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  • Conor Maynard Releases New Album “+11 Hours”

  • British singer-songwriter Conor Maynard released his third studio album “+11 Hours” on June 9, 2023.

    It is his first album of original songs in 11 years since the 2012 debut album “Contrast” without the 2016 cover album “Covers”.
    The album comprises 10-track, including preceding singles “If I Ever”, “By Your Side”, and “Storage”. Produced by Brendan Buckley, Conor Maynard and Ray Michael Djan Jr..
    Conor Maynard said of the album, “I wanted to create a record which would be a form of comfort for anyone going through the same thing I did. Breakups, whatever the context, are hard, and I wanted to write something which was the most detailed description of what I went through, so listeners can know that feeling certain ways after breaking up with someone is normal, and that they're not alone. It's what I was thinking, feeling and going through at that time. I love listening to music that I feel like tells of my own experiences word for word, and I wanted to give that back. It's the most raw i've ever been.”
  • Conor Maynard explained about some track s for the album.

    “If I Ever”
    “The song embodies my healing process. I worked really hard to make sure the lyrics, the melodies, and the music speak to exactly what I went through. It covers that period in getting over a breakup where you fluctuate between moments of anger and resentfulness, and desperate pangs of “Oh, God…I miss them so much!” The song speaks to the feeling of not having that person to speak to at night, text during the morning, and share videos and stuff throughout the day. It's a massive adjustment.”

    “By Your Side”
    “'By Your Side' is the second single of a string of releases about something I went through last year. This song is for all the people who have ever had to let go of someone or something that they so badly didn't want to part with. So this isn't actually the music video.. it's more of a 'Visualiser'.. I've actually written what I think is the best music video idea I've ever written for this song however I'm not filming it unless you guys blow this song up as it's gonna be crazy expensive xD.. so the power is in your hands..”

  • “Storage”
    “In my opinion, that is one of the worst aspects of a breakup. You have this person and every single little detail there is to know about them. You know their favorite color, you know exactly how to make a hot chocolate just the way they like it, you know how they like to have their back tickled when they're going to sleep at night. You know all these things, but they're like a stranger to you now. You don't really know where they are, you don't know what they're doing, you don't know how they're feeling, you don't know if they're feeling the same pain as you. And it feels like all of those things that you spent so much time learning about them just becomes useless information. And it doesn't go away, it stays in your head, they've gone, but all of those things remain and it eats away at you because it hurts to know everything there is to know about a person, but they're gone. And yeah, that's basically what I wrote this song 'Storage' about.”

    Photo by Lee Malone
    Background photo by Edwina Ryan
  • source : Apple Music
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