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  • Daniel Ellsworth Releases New Song “Lost In The Rhythm”

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Daniel Ellsworth released a new song “Lost In The Rhythm” on June 6, 2023.

    The song is the first single off of his upcoming EP “What”, which is set to be released on July 14, 2023.
    The EP is the third part of four EPs series, “I Have”, “No Clue”, “What” and “I'm Doing”. “I Have” and “No Clue” were released in 2021.
    The track was written and produced by Daniel Ellsworth.
    Daniel Ellsworth said of the song, “First and foremost this was me wanting to make a late-night-living-room dance jam about leaving all the bullshit of the world behind and disappearing somewhere with the person you love, but writing and recording "Lost In The Rhythm" was also a personal exercise in simplicity and restraint. I wanted to limit the amount of instruments on the track, limit what the drums were doing, the vocals are the very first take...I wanted to do all that and see if I could still make something interesting. I've spent a lot of time over the years always wanting to add more layers and make rhythms more complicated, which can sometimes get in the way of the song. With "Lost In The Rhythm" there was no overthinking. The limitation was actually incredibly freeing.”
  • Daniel Ellsworth shared on social media, “In fact, I decided to put out a new song today. It's called Lost In The Rhythm and it's the first song from my forthcoming What EP, which will be the third in my four part I Have / No Clue / What / I'm Doing EP series. The What EP will be the first collection of my own songs fully produced by me. In 2020 at the time when I was writing this EP, I was pushing myself to try out a bunch of different genres. It was a lot of throwing paint at the wall and seeing what would stick. I was excited about the idea at the time but then I got nervous because - imposter syndrome - and put off releasing these for years. But then I remembered what this series of EP's is called and that I love these songs and also who cares.”

  • He continued, “Lost In The Rhythm is a late-night-living-room-dance jam. Or maybe like a windows-down-city-lights-in-the-rearview-leave-the-world-behind jam. But really wherever and however you want to listen is okay. The whole song was an exercise in restraint for me. I put a self-imposed limit on the number of instrument tracks, rolled with the very first vocal take, kept the drums as simple as possible…Most of my favorite dance songs tend to keep things simple, and with it being in my nature to try and overcomplicate, I wanted to put myself to the test.”

    Photo by Beth Mathews
  • source : Apple Music
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