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  • Party Nails Releases New Song “Bull In A China Shop”

  • Los Angeles-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Elana Carroll, aka Party Nails released a new song “Bull In A China Shop” on May 26, 2023.

    The track was written during lockdown when everything was beginning to feel scary, confusing and weird.
    It was written by Party Nails. Produced by Elana Carroll and Benjamin Greenspan.
    Party Nails said of the song, “I had so many weird dreams about basically all of the scary and hard stuff I'd ever lived through, and I would write about it. I thought this song was about someone from my past. But now I'm realizing it's about me too. I wanted the production to emulate that image and overall sense of confusion, and to somehow be fun in spite of the dark subject matter.”
    The song is the second single of 2023, following the collaborative song “Like U” with Boy Sim.
  • Party Nails shared on social media, “This song has been waiting so very patiently to meet you. I first started writing it in March 2020, when no one knew what was going on or how long it was going to last. I kept having dreams about my childhood and being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken car (feeling trapped), and from these dreams I would wake and suddenly, for the first time, wanted to learn more about coercive control and abuse in relationships (also feeling trapped). I'd experienced it, and I'd always just wanted to forget about it. The opening line, 'I thought it was all right to let you in my world / that a bull inside a china shop could not get hurt,' speaks to the mindset I had when I first let the red flags go. If someone is big, wild and strong, like a bull, they can't possibly get hurt. Can they? The songwriting evolved. 'Can we just recreate the moments we were in love? Play them over and over and over again until it's us? Until it's real?' is heartbreak, but it's also the voice of someone stuck, who wants the loop playing in their head to at least be something nice.”

  • She continued, “At first the bridge was the chorus, and then the chorus became the repeating line 'trying to forget all of the things inside my brain'. made a skeleton with a Juno synth, 707 drums, and the high transformer voice. Anna Crane my often touring drummer, programmed some more drum takes. I did Zoom sessions with Ben Greenspan, and we created the doubled guitar solo in the bridge and the slow downs and speed ups coming in and out of the choruses. Years later, sent the rough demo to my friend Luke Smith, who added more percussion to the chorus and emphasızed the reggaeish feel. Ben and | tracked vocals together in real life. My friend Vixen replayed our guitar solo with their signature shred sound.”

    “When sat down to mix it, first wanted to incorporate the sounds of a bull being in a china shop, knocking things over at their every turn, dripping blood on the floor, unaware of the harm they are causing themselves by staying in a place that is so wrong for them, and not being able to see a way out (The sounds you'll hear include china breaking, paper ripping, and blood china breaking, paper ripping, and blood gushing). And then realized: it's me. I'M THE BULL. One of the reasons love songwriting so much is because it allows many narratives to coexist in one moment I'm the bull, and so is my past abusive partner; they are related and intertwined, and a song is the medium with which I'm best able to express this. Bull In A China Shop is about being your own worst enemy, wanting to shut your rain off, and fighting for your life to own worst enemy, wanting to shut your brain off, and fighting for your life to survive the hell you've found yourself in. The mind can make a heaven of hell and a el of heaven. And sometimes up is down and right is left and you have no idea where to start. This is that. This is for you. With love, Elana/Party Nails'.”
  • source : Apple Music
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