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  • Cloudy June Releases New EP “21st Century Princess”

  • Berlin-based singer-songwriter Cloudy June released her second EP “21st Century Princess” along with a new music video for the title track on May 12, 2023 via Sony Music Entertainment Germany.

    It is her first body of work in a year since the 2022 debut EP “Unthinkable”.
    The EP comprises 6-track, featuring guest appearance from Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter emlyn, including preceding three singles “Devil Is A Woman”, “You Problem”, “Love Under The Influence” and 3 new songs.
    Produced by TVVINS. Written by Valentin Glage, Vincent Stefánsson, Claudia Terry Verdecia, Claudio Maselli, and Chloe Copoloff.
    Cloudy June shared on social media, “Making this EP has been an intense journey for me and everyone involved and I am hella grateful for how much I've grown as a person and as an artist during the process.”
  • Cloudy June explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “21st Century Princess”
    “[This track] is about a woman who defies traditional expectations and societal norms. I chose this song to be the title track of my EP because it represents the message of empowerment and self-expression that I want to convey through my music. The woman in “21st Century Princess” dyes her hair with 'royal blood' and gets tattoos because she is not afraid to break free from the traditional role of a passive and submissive princess. Welcome to the 21st century, where every woman should have the right to take control of her own life and story.”

    “Devil Is A Woman”
    “A lot of the time it's women who are denied freedom. What's masked as religion, is often oppression,” the refreshingly confident half-Cuban explains about her inspiration for the song. “If, when the woman fights for freedom, she becomes the devil in your eyes, then I'd rather go to hell with her than go to your heaven. That's what 'Devil Is A Woman' is about.”

  • “You Problem” featuring emlyn
    “'You Problem' came to be in a session with emlyn, one of my favorite artists. We both are unapologetic in our songs and we both have had experiences with toxic men. 'You Problem' is aimed at these men who try to keep you down in order to protect their own fragile ego and ultimately end up alone because of their behavior. If you treat others badly and then wonder why they turn away from you - that's on you.”

    “Love Under The Influence”
    “For me, the 'influence' is all the stuff that keeps you from facing reality in a relationship or situationship. It's like a dream world in which you convince yourself that someone is meant for you. Whether it's drugs, the fear of being alone or you're blinded by the supposedly perfect qualities of a person—all of this gives you that love-hormone-like high until the 'influence' wears off and you're forced to face the facts. I kept trying to write a ballad and failed to create something that could actually pin-point the feeling that I'd been wanting to talk about for a while. Then we wrote 'Love Under The Influence'.”

    “'Documentary' came from the idea of writing a song about a sex tape without ever mentioning the word. And somehow it also became a song about wanting to hold on to a feeling or a relationship and about how nothing lasts forever.”
  • source : Apple Music
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