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  • ILIRA Drops New Music Video for “Wishing Well”

  • London-based Swiss singer and songwriter Ilira Gashi, aka ILIRA has dropped a new music video for “Wishing Well” directed by Ilira Gashi.

    The song was released as the second single from the her upcoming debut EP in earlier April, following “You”.
    The track was written by Ilira Gashi, Giampaolo Parisi, and Marco Parisi. Produced by Paul Whalley.
    ILIRA said of the song, “Wrote this one after a long session somewhere in the nowhere, where I felt pretty f lonely, missed my family and my heart felt like a billion tons. I thought of all the millions of ppl who feel the same way at the same moment. So this is the outcome of that moment. Thank you so much Giampaolo Parisi for starting this and Paul Whalley for finishing this piece ❤️
  • She shared about the EP, “Finally the time has come. I will be releasing all the songs from my first EP over the next few months. Starting with YOU, that's out at midnight. I took a step back for a while after feeling that I'd lost sync with my intuition. I moved to London to find myself again, to truly listen to my own voice that's been drowned out by noise over the last few years. I'm still growing, but I've found my way back to myself, to my roots, to the music that comes from the heart. It's created from the most painful days and warmest moments of my life and gives you a glimpse of who I really am. I thank those who have always stood by me, unconditionally ,uncritically, patiently. To those who have always trusted in me, to the people who root for me from afar and always remain a part of my journey. I thank my manager and my label and my family and friends for the huge support. And special thanks to the person who helped me find my sound and who gives me pure freedom in the writing process, you're a blessing Paul Whalley ❤️
  • source : Apple Music
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