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  • Astrid S Releases New Song “Darkest Hour” from New EP “Felt Cute Might Delete Later”

  • Norwegian singer-songwriter Astrid Smeplass, aka Astrid S released a new song “Darkest Hour” from her new EP “Felt Cute Might Delete Later” on April 21, 2023.

    The track was written by Agrin Rahmani, Astrid Smeplass, Kristoffer “Koda” Eriksson, and Hilda Stenmalm. Produced by Agrin Rahmani.
    Before the release of the song, Astrid S shared on social media, “I wrote this as a duet with Justin Bieber but he hasn’t replied to my dm so I’m just gonna release it next week and if you know Justin Bieber pls let him know i’m just tryna hang w friends and focus on my next album rn but if he wants to jump on it last minute I’d make an exception thanks.”
  • The new EP “Felt Cute Might Delete Later” comprises 4-track, which were her unreleased songs in the past.
    Astrid S said of the EP. “I’ve been listening through old demos and voicenotes to see if there were any hidden gems. Unfortunately nothing fits in with my upcoming album concept, so I decided to pick out my favourites and make it into an EP. I remember really loving these songs when they were made, some of them years ago, but the timing wasn’t right or they were too weird. Or maybe not good enough. But I love them:)<3 The one rule is to not make any changes, so some will be a bit more worked on and some less. It’s kind of like a warm up to my album (even though it’ll sound very different from these songs). The EP is called Felt Cute Might Delete Later.”

  • Astrid S explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “Fuck Off”
    “We made this song purely for fun right before leaving the studio. The happiest/cutest fuck u song to ever exist! What better way to put on some panties with a bow to get the message across.”

    “Expiration Date_demo_V2.wav”
    “Expiration Date, a song about never getting over someone, love that never expires and watching porn in the living room. Made with my main malibu crew, Afterhrs & Mags Duval 🤍”
  • source : Apple Music
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