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  • Bea Miller Releases New Song “Jealous Of My Friends”

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Bea Miller released a new song “Jealous Of My Friends” along with a music video on March 17, 2023.

    The song is the third single off of her upcoming third studio album “BEA MILLER'S CABINET” (the tentative title), following “lonely bitch” and “cynical”.
    The track was written by Andrew Luce, Mason Sachs, Julian Cruz, Nick Long, and Bea Miller.
    Produced by Andrew Luce, Colin Brittain, and Nick Long.
    Bea Miller said of the song, “'jealous of my friends' is a song I was honestly a bit hesitant to release. Nobody wants to admit that they feel anything but proud and excited for their friends when they accomplish or experience great things. I think though, that it's only human nature to grapple with pride and jealousy every once in a while, and I'm hoping that if people relate to this song, they'll be a little bit less hard on themselves for it, knowing they're not the only one.”
  • The accompanying video was co-directed by Gina Gizella Manning and Mike Pecci.
    Bea Miller said of the video, “We wanted to showcase how feeling anything but happy for your friends when they experience great things can be scary, because you know it's wrong. The video begins with my reaction to a shadow but ends with me being alone with myself. I feel this depicts that it's truly a self-issue, probably due to your own insecurities, that leads you to be envious sometimes of the people you should be most proud of.”

  • The new album is expected to be released in 2023. It is her first album under her own label Gauche Records as an indepedent artist.
    Also, it is her first ever visual album, unlike the previous albums.
    She shared on the video, “BEA MILLER'S CABINET, A diversion in societal norms, Cabinet rooms (also referred to as closets or studiolos) were once private areas where individuals hid the paintings that differed from those displayed in the common rooms of their house. This private collection of commissioned works would only be shared with their closest acquaintances as they often explored more taboo themes.”

    Photo by Gina Manning
  • source : Apple Music
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